Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Byez mr pal! Hi ms malini~

hehe~ dis monday v gt another new english lecturer=)

tada~ ms malini ^^ she is much more better if compared to mr pal (sry ah... mr pal)

no more "do u understand?"

no more "dark circle"

hahaz XD n u guess how old is ms malini ^^ she is only 24 yrs old... super young if compared to mr yeap n mr pal =.= althought she is young bt as long as better than mr pal i oredi satisfy =.=

hmm... dis weekend i hav to shop for my formal attire =.= presentationsss r coming soon~ de 1st time i wore formal attire was when i attend for my jpa interview... haiz sad case T-T

to: oink oink

jyjy in ur study n revision =)


  1. aiks...waste messos again huh?!>_<
    that is not a good habit...zzz


  2. Omg , tat don u tell tat oink oink refer to me =.= i ou xue le @.@

  3. oink oink~ dat exactly refer to u XD hahaz u xposed ur own name ^^



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