Friday, June 13, 2008

pasar malam

hmm~ jz nw i went to nilai pasar malam v frens~

people involved: me, matu, kah yuong, yee teng, komala, yoyo, vic n eileen

when waiting for de bus, ryan's papa sudd called him n said wanna bring him to makan... so he tak jadi join our pasar malam trip lo~ his papa brought him to pizza hut leh XD kah yuong said she shud folo ryan jz nw instead of following us to pasar malam hahaz

n at de same time, eileen nt feeling well again... she very pale n start suffering again... pity her bt i xperienced b4 oso~ bt not so serious lur~ hope she get well soon XD

dis is de first time i go to that pasar malam (according to louis, pasar malam= pasar scold wolf 巴刹骂狼 =.= in chinese swt)

den after de "hot-cond" bus trip, v finally arrived lur... first v all walked together de.. bt soon v separated to 3 small groups... hahaz den v all go walk de whole pasar malam lo.. quite big actually.. bt ntg interest me lolz... coz our pasar malam there much more nicer ^^

after walk several rounds in de pasar malam... i oso duno y 3 of us keep turning around n repeat walking to n fro =.='' den finally v go bac lo... wait them at the entrance there.. den took bus again XD luckily dis bus gt air-cond bt v squeeze like sardin =.=

den v bring all de foods v bought to cafeteria n start having "party" =) after eating den all chat chat there lur... afterdat v all go bac room le...

1. Physics tutorials (haiz so many T.T)
2. Chemistry assignment (same group v eileen, yuong, vic, kent n louis)
3. Physics presentation (same group v wee khang, raymond n kausallia)
4. MPW assignment
5. Chemistry Lab Report
6. Physics Lab Report
7. English assignments (food crisis =.=)
8. Physics assignment 1 T_T
9. ...

omg =.= so many homeworks... haiz

2mr needa wake up early coz i help in Leo's Club stall... 6.30am needa gather at mph ler~

Thx to mathew for borrowing me his Leo's Club t-shirt... hahaz =) 2mr u see urself how big is ur t-shirt XD

Happy Birthday to Marcus too ^^ 18 ler oh XD

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  1. wow...go to pasar mlm oo...i suddenly find out that it was alr a long time since my laz visit to PASAR MLM...coz of the grace tay's tuisyen lar...T_T...i want to eat yoyo-ice~~~nvm...i go and buy at skul...XD(got?...erm...)



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