Friday, June 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

haha~ it's friday again n i'm now at my home XD

2dy v get bac our test 1 chemistry n physics papers... hmm stil considered nt bad la bt i hope sumting better =) next time jia you ^^

after chemistry class v hav lunch v mr loh... i tink our gang got around 20 ppl hahaz... our captain is mr loh~ walk like hak seh woi =.='' v eat in cafeteria... sum1 (i forget who jor hahaz paiseh) said scare dun hav enuf seats for so many of us... den mr loh said:" nvm la... v win in number! chase all of them away XD" =.='' den after makan, v chat lotsa things esp ghost stories LOLz till 1.45pm den walk together to LRC n hav our physics class...

i gt lotsa stuffs to complete dis weekend ah~ buzy T-T

Sheng (my cousin) fetching me bac fr inti n treat me honeydew juice
Mummy cooking delicious chicken rice =)
"sum1" make me nearly heart att n realise perpaduan nt easy
n all my friends for making my life colourful n meaningful...

To: Gor gor
Take care n recover faster la~ Monday i help u stir 100plus again lolz



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