Thursday, June 19, 2008

mood: dunno

haiz~ 2dy malang-nye~

jz nw when chemistry lab... i accidentally broke a measuring cylinder =.='' i oso duno who go n put de thing next to my hand... when i turn over de thing str8 fall down =.= really kek sei me ><>

den hav to pay for it lo... rm6.00 >< they said equivalent to one dinner: emperor noodles + barley drink =.=''

maybe is de weather problem... few frens fall sick jor... yoyo n yuong fever le... drink more water n take gud care of urself =) prevention is beta than cure...

mathew goin bac miri 2dy... 7pm flight... so many of them (i tink so) goin airport v him after class... gud luck n all de best oh~ fly high!


  1. Omg , need pay de meh ? Accidents may happen anytime at lab le ... I oso broken some apparatus b4 , no need pay de ... If interested come join Form 6 la ^o^V

  2. lolz~ u broken "some" b4 ah? hahaz =)

  3. Yala , as i rmb ... i broken 3 so far , all oso no need to pay de . Juz inform teacher onli mah ... Inti so rich still wan u all pay . Unfair le =(

  4. haiz~ u go n tell inti lur =.=

  5. yup...inti "giam siap"~lolz...XD




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