Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mood: Happy

oh yeah~ 2dy v can considered finished our test 1 wahaha~ coz next week v oni gt english test XD hmm... 2dy maths test stil ok ^^ nt too hard for me... i able to complete it n check again... den after checking i stil gt time "fa dai" a while XD luckily i checked my answer jz nw... coz so many careless mistakessss.... =.= if i pass up without checking... when get bac de paper dat time i sure die of vomit blood XD

den afterdat v go makan at sidewalk cafe~ group of 8 ppl XD i makan nasi lemak there.. nt tasty at all... so my advice: dun buy nasi lemak from there XD the packet of nasi lemak oni consists of rice, sum sambal n one quarter of hard-boiled egg =.=

den afterdat me, kah yuong, angeline, christina n eileen went to de library... yuong n me wan to complete our chemistry report... den 5 of us sot sot again n go n play v de lift =.= hahaz like nv use de lift b4 XD v alwiz went mad when get along v our CFES gang XD

den when MPW class v saw a guy "pancing ikan" v a special pose LOLz he kept on tilting his head to the left side n den went bac to the original pose for countless time XD v like watching comedy from behind =) so bad hor? hahaz dats y louis told us, if wanna sleep jz lean on de table instead of wad the guy did... coz really funny hahaz ^^ n v oso having fun coz gt a ppl hp rang XD so he hav to sing us a song~ he can sing wateva songs he likes xcept Negaraku =.= coz if he sing dat dat means v hav to stand up =.= hahaz finally he sing Happy Birthday song to another classmate, raymond i tink XD same name as our lecturer ^^

den afterdat v gt lab session as usual lur... at nite i go comic shop v eileen n kah yuong... den after mathew n win loon gang came, the whole book shop like pasar malam XD v having CFES gathering there... lolz

aiks... i stil thinking how is de inti carnival dis sat leh.... duno wanna join de carnival o go bac klang =.= if i join means dis week i kenot home sweet home leh T_T haiz... think-ing now...

time passed so fast leh =.= now oredi 12th june... i study at inti oso 1 month plus ler.. how is other classmates n buddies? how is their life nw? wei when vil b 5S1 gathering? XD

p/s: wad is national day n wad is malaysia's day? do u know? as a malaysian u shud noe leh =) mr raymond lee wan us to find out =X


  1. Wah , got time fa dai ... mean very geng adi izzit ? if don hav 100% really should get punished le F5

  2. swt~ i nt so geng like sum1 =p get num1 in his class wor XD



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