Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do u understand?

ytd go yumcha until quite late...

hmm... ytd 8am class really omg =.= mr pal's english class again... althought i'm nt so tired at first bt he able to make me nearly fall asleep in his class... luckily angeline who sit beside me keep wake me up when i about to sleep XD hmm... actually got many kinda ppl in his class... de 1st kind is terus sleep hahaz.. den de 2nd type is nearly fall asleep o pancing ikan... jz like me =X den gt another kind is keep staring at him aka "fa dai"... maybe there r sum who really concentrate n yet so energetic la... Salute! =) v love him the most when he giv us short break XD

kent fetch us to pizza hut to hav our dinner =) den after eating, v do our lab report n phy tutorials there... but end up, our lab report x complete n tutorials oso nt done =.='' v hav great time chatting there lolz... den when v about to go bac, me n yuong sudd received sms fr bee heng... she asked us whether wan join them to hav supper mah... so since vic, louis n kent wanna join... v oso jz follow lur...

den v all go wang kok yumcha... bt i really too full oredi so i jz chat there oni =X after a while, louis accompany yuong go bac hostel coz yuong's roommate forget to bring keys... so she hav to go bac n rescue her XD

after a while, half of them oso walk bac ler... left 7 of us there =) duno y bee heng sudd laugh non-stop =.='' den made us laughed so hard v her non-stop for few minutes... other ppl might think us needa to be send to sunflower centre o tanjung rambutan hahaz XD coz... she looks like pretend to laugh bt it is actually real laugh =X at the same time, yee teng n win loon go n recorded sound clips to b used as alarm sound =.=''

i go bac at 12+am.. so tired ler =x

* thx to louis n vic in helping me find a group for chemistry's presentation =) xiexie oh ^^

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  1. see...i so kind..keep helping you post comment since ur blog so pity...Walau~you go and eat pizza again??? 0.0...nvm...2molo i oso can eat~XD coz 2molo is wednesday farewell party...but...nidda spent messos again...wei yan says approximately RM25...omg...so expensive...i straightly blame him sucks my bloood...>_<... haiz...but, the money including the present we give to senior...zzz...any grammar mistakes??? tell me if got any...(good girl studying english hardly~)




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