Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shopping ^^

yay~ 2dy i go shopping v mama n sis in de afternoon... i hav bought my formal attire =)

i met hui ling at jusco ^^ initially v wanna go out 2gether 2dy de... bt finally cancelled coz she havent inform pek kuan, shi yong n wei wei... all of us really very long din meet each other le... miss them so much... 5 of us alwiz sit together when v tuition at delta laz time XD n go makan together b4 grace tay bm class =) i oso very long din eat eng ann's food oredi leh... miss asam laksa so much ^^ i wan to eat yoyo ice n ABC oso =) hope to hang out v u guys soon... hahaz her mama said i changed a lots n grow up le wor... i take it as a compliment XD

* 世间最珍贵的不是'得不到'和'已失去',而是现在能把握的幸福。


  1. 世间最珍贵的不是'得不到'和'已失去',而是现在能把握的幸福。
    if you can do dat...XD
    i alwiz say lidat but i fail to do dat actually...XD
    bcoz im a virgo...^^

  2. hahaz~ i xtract it fr a forwarded msg~ ^^ quite interesting...

  3.'s i realise smthg...XD (happy~~~and gan dong des~!!!!)



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