Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mathew aka Matu's Farewell Party

ytd v hav a farewell party for matu coz he vil b leaving inti n goin to taylors...

he gt jpa scholarship~ gratz once again ^^ lucky-nye~

hmm... basically v hav a mixed feelings when heard dis news... v happy for him becoz he vil b further his study under de jpa scholarship to overseas soon~ jpa was my dream oso T.T but, v oso sad coz our CFES gang vil less one ppl again after sam left for mmu...

guys n gals bz whole afternoon for de farewell party held at bakery at nite =) actually i duno their planning =.= i jz get to noe more details after dinner time...

v hav a simple bt meaningful party at bakery's special room XD everyone gt a chance to say sumting to matu n matu oso express his opinion bout all de CFES "monkeys" =) v hav a great time there n thx to win loon n michelle who tried their very best as mc ytd nite ^^

hmm... i knew him when our first leo's club meeting... haha i stil rmb initially he wanna join me n kah yuong for dinner... bt finally he scared by our business course's frens coz whole group of us r gals xcept him XD den end up he din folo us hahaz... during de street party, all of us get to noe each other more n finally becomes a gang XD

they made a slideshow v all our photos~ memorable one =) got many funny n ugly photos oso... lolz... althought all of us noe each others for only 1.5 months bt v get along so well ^^ hope more n more slideshows coming soon XD shh~ dun tell others oh~ matu cried in his farewell party XD

v took many photos ytd~ i vil upload it when i get it =)

All the best to mathew!


  1. Faster upload le , i juz hear stories from u ... haven see them properly , intro to me 1 by 1 ... escecially lengluisssss ^o^V

  2. LOL~ i purposely dunwan introduce to u ah~ lalala XD

  3. wakakaka...u edi tell the whole world d...zzz



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