Thursday, June 12, 2008


aloha to all~ i'm new to blogger bt i'm nt a new blogger lolz~ i hav been blogging since years ago in yahoo taiwan blog XD

i vil share my life n my thought in my blog.. everyone r welcome to leave a comment for me =) dis help me to improve on my blog muahaha

currently studying in inti university college, nilai~ taking foundation in science~

i'm nt quiet as wad others think of me when they get to noe me well XD i vil b very noisy n talkative oso~ n sumtimes my frens said i'm very perasan =.='' lolz sumtimes perasan oso gud wad~ self-confident hahaz

n one very important thing!! everyone vil ask me dis question when 1st meet me.. "y u so tall one?" "how to become so tall leh?"aiks =.= i answered dis question since young =.= so boring jor..
hmm~ i tall becoz of a word -- INHERITANCE!!! satisfied v my answer? hahaha for all info, i din eat Calci-Yum oh XD sum of my frens claimed dat advertisement lies muahahaha

stil single n available =) 2dy danny wen li ming came to our skul~ gt sum1 asked him whether he is single onot... den he answered :" i'm still single lur... later i provide sum forms n let u all apply" swt =.='' so, i wun provide any form... who wanna apply jz prepare ur own form la XD

dis week v r having test 1~ first time having test in college made me quite nervous n tension~ but stil quite ok la if compared to sum other frens.. they r like having final exam in de final sem =.='' wei so stress for wad la =.= 1st sem 1st test u oredi like dat... how bout next time?

n 2dy i skipped de 2nd interview for rural camp~ after sum rational thinking... i decided to giv up de chance coz i worried dat de training time might crash v exam time n any other activities~ n i oso nt very sure dat my sem break vil b really free onot~ so finally i decided to pick up my hp n sms de authority person~ really so paiseh ooo..

den at nite go makan dinner v vic, kah yuong n louis~ den when v go to de "golden rice bowl"... v met mathew, win loon, angeline.... kah yuong n vic's rumours spread so fast n they kept teasing them~ making them so shy hahaha bt finally both of them nt quite happy la~ luckily after i asking kah yuong n vic, they nt really angry v all of us la XD nvm la, all frens mah XD

2mr gt math test~ i weak in add math in sec sch~ haiz T.T hope i can do well in dis test la... 2dy physics test stil ok for me =) i managed to done all questions bt dunhav enuf time to check again de answer aiks~ bt nvm la at least i can finish all in time XD

k la~dats all for 2dy~ tired n xhausted ler~ nitez n c ya 2mr ^^

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  1. Hehe,i be da 1st to comment oso ^o^V don worry i sure support ur blog de so keep jy write more bah ... i sure be ur loyal reader



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