Monday, February 2, 2009

Red Cliff 2

Red Cliff 2

Yesterday we went TGV Bukit Raja Jaya Jusco to watch Red Cliff 2. I din watch the 1st episode but what i can say is... this movie is really worth to watch and really interesting... =) hmm... it is a huge production and i was amazed by the scene! According to them, this movie really used up very long time in the production stage and ate up lotsa money... Exceed their budgets for many folds...

It made us to understand more and have a great visual experience about the Emperor of China history... Other than that, i like one of the quote in this movie... something like "这场战争,我们都输了。。" (We all are loser in this war..) War do not bring benefit to any party, but only harms to those innocent...

Anti-War! Say NO to war!

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