Friday, February 13, 2009

Dinner @ Kajang

Dinner @ Kajang

1. To celebrate that we have successfully completed our test 1 for chemistry and biology.
2. To treat our taste buds some nice food in Kajang.

1. Make sure that your stomach is empty before go.
2. Bring more tissue paper and $.

1. Go Kajang. People involved: kent ren, me, angeline, teng ma, melanie and victor.
2. First place we went was *somewhere* serving spicy pepper soup 辣汤, alcoholic chicken 昭兴酒鸡, spicy chicken 火爆鸡 and etc. The foods were nice =) All of them ate 2 bowls of rice except me and melanie. Good recommendation!
3. Then, we went Kent's house instead of straight going for satay. Because too full! =D
4. Went for satay. 20 Chicken satay+ 3 ketupat+ onions and timun =)
5. Journey back to inti> MyBox! woohoo~

Fun+ Full+ Laughter! Nice dinner outing =)

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