Friday, February 20, 2009

Cockroach @ Pizza Hut

Cockroach @ Pizza Hut

as the title explained, it is a not so good experience for 5 of us =(

first, we went in this Pizza Hut restaurant and chose a table that we always sit there... studied the menu and decided to order the Sensasi Delights meals which consists of the garlic breads, soft drinks, mushroom soups and 5 personal pizza...

after a while, the waitress served us the mushroom soups... looks like everything fine... but, when we taste it... it was cold >< my friends claimed that the soup looks like just take out from the refrigerator... so, for customers' rights, we requested for a change... well, they took back all the soups and change something warmer for us... at least better than the previous one... =S

then, when we was eating the garlic bread... one of my friend noticed something crawling at the side of the table! it's cockroach! quite disgusting and scary... but we tried to shoo it away using the paper handkerchief... not success! it fell to the floor...

afterthat, my friend who noticed the cockroach wanted to know where the cockroach went... so she accidentally knocked the side of the table, something like the divider between two tables... more and more cockroaches and insects came out and crawling all over the place! yucks!

we quickly moved to another table and informed the waitress... she just smiled =.= no response is done... what a good service... initially we planned to complain to the store manager... but we did't do it... during the whole lunch, kind of guilty feelings because all of us worried there are some other insects hiding somewhere in our foods =.=

hmm... we should have take photo of the xiao qiangss and show to the authority personal or department... the cleanliness of the restaurant and the service is really bad... aiks ><

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