Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meaningful Story

Meaningful Story

yesterday i read an email a friend sent me. quite meaningful and worth to think twice =)

the 1st story starts with long long time ago, a people asked an old man...

"in ur opinion, sun or moon is more important?"

the old man answered "of course is moon! moon lights up the earth in the night and sun shines on the day which its existence is something really redundant..."

is sun redundant?

the 2nd story takes place in a small countryside... one day, a young girl left her home just because her mum nagging her for some mistakes she did... she roamed around because she did not bring any money with her and no where she can go... she felt very hungry... suddenly she smelt something really nice at the roadside... there is a stall selling hot and tasty noodles... she approaches the stall...

the man that sell noodles asked her "young little girl, do u wan some noodles?"

she answered the man "yes, i'm hungry but i don't have money... i just ran out from my house coz something happened between me and my mum"

the man was generous and treated her a bowl of noodles...

while eating the noodles, the young girl told the man "uncle, u are so kind and caring towards me although we do not know each other... unlike my mum..."

the man laughed and told the girl "with a bowl of noodles, u considered me as a kind and caring man... how about ur mum who cooked and bring u up for so many years?"

thousands of thoughts suddenly flew in the girl's mind... she ran and cried all the way back to her house...

from far, she saw her mum waving and smiling to her... "where u went the whole afternoon? i'm so worried bout u... quickly wash ur hand and we are waiting for u for dinner..."


As a human, we never appreciate what we have and some even not realised it... we will take everything we have for granted... anyone thanks their parent before for bringing u up? think before how much effort our parent have to put in in educating us? But when someone not very close to us did something nice to us, we will feel very thankful and appreciate wad he or she did...

maybe u will laughed at that old man in the 1st story... but there are lots of people like him around us... we will not realise who is the one really put effort in taking care and love us because we are just used to it...

Enjoyz and make sure we are not the "old man" and "little girl" from now =)

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