Saturday, February 28, 2009

it's weekend again...

it's weekend again...
normally i will spend lots of time during my weekend to do whatever i like to do... but not homework LOL
hmm... but because of biology quiz falls on this coming monday... so i have to hardworking a bit and do some revision and preparation for it... 1 chapter only~ err... shud be ok for me! this quiz contribute 5% to the total marks of our coursework =P gambateh everyone =D

actually i prefer the marks distribution method in college than in schools last time... during primary and esp secondary school, exam really made me super tension and experience tonnes of pressure... because 100% of our performance rely solely on exam results! if ur performance on att particular day not good or ur final result end up not tat "nice", thats it! u are considered kind of failure... no compensation for what u have done very hard during the whole year =( so sad...

but in college, for example, inti foundation programme which i taking now, 60% coursework 40% final exam... u can accumulate as many marks as possible in coursework... every single of ur hard work counts! =) but this method is only suitable for those who will consistently maintain their performance in their assignments, tests, quizzes, presentations... depends on which kind of method that suits u best =P

currently having problems with the pimples which parasite on my face! argh~ shoo shoo! I hate u all- pimples! go away asap! T-T any recommendation of ways to reduce pimples? T-T

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