Monday, March 2, 2009

New Look!

Yeah! Finally, my blog have a new template! =)

Quite satisfied with this new blogskin but the only problem i faced now is the "comments" part =( tried very hard to figure our whats the error but i couldn't recognize any.. anyone can help me? hehe =)

Just now went Pets Safari @ Ikano Power Centre... saw few super cute doggy ^^ they are as cute as those plushies... ops! cuter than those!!! =P saw some quite "huge" dog also.. all doggy there have much better living condition than some of the people LOL XD they go HIGH class saloon, receive vaccinations regularly, use BEST shampoos, wear nice nice clothes & etc... lucky dog!

The most significant scene in Ikea restaurant is the grabbing of stools after a group of people (a table) left... if u went there before, I'm sure u noticed this =) I mean the restaurant near the check-outs/cashier... not sure about another restaurant upstair coz i never eat there before =X


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