Monday, March 16, 2009

Junn Terng's Birthday @ Station 1

Happy Belated Birthday to Junn Terng! May all ur birthday wishes come true =) Stay cool and happy always!

See, we so good! Planned a simple yet meaningful birthday celebration for u =) Although only 4 of us lar =P

And we made the cake ourselves oh... purposely go n learn just because ur birthday! Wad u did last life until u can get a bunch of best buddies like this? XD *just kidding*

3 of us went earlier to bought make a birthday cake... then went Station 1 and wait and wait until our neck also become very long =X and finally the birthday boy arrived!

My orange juice =)

The birthday boy =D

Tada~ Ker Wei, my ji mui =)

Kaihan... Going to Canada very soon =)

Tada =) Me and ker wei ^^

The birthday cake we bought make ourselves!

19 years old lor XD

Making wishes?

"Candle taking out ceremony" o.O


Yeah =) Star of Friendship ^^ *do u know which is my hand?*

Nice outing but the only sad thing is Jie Hong and Kok Thai unable to come =( hmm... as wad ker wei said... we are going to hold an AGM to re-elect our dailou oredi! XD *ngek ngek! so, kok thai u better attend more outing oh XD*

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