Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dengue Fever

This weekend many people went back their hometown because this coming Monday is public holiday- Awal Muharram if not mistaken.

Yesterday nearly fall sick =X Super duper tired and i felt very warm even though I'm in air cond room. The feeling just like I'm in sahara desert sauna =S After ate medicine and have a nice sleep yesterday night, finally feel much better =) Hooray!

Few days ago, a friend told me he likes pictures more than words in my blog. Hehe =D I'll try my best to get some nice pictures =P I like pictures blog and snapping pictures also!

Friendly reminder:

Make sure NO chance is created for Aedes mosquitoes to breed in order to prevent dengue fever. How to prevent?

This is because my neighbour's garden helps to breed mosquitoes recently. They have moved somewhere else but stagnant water in their garden really made us headache. Our area was reported few cases of dengue fever since Jan 2009.

It is everyone responsiblity to prevent the spreading of dengue fever. Do it later now =)

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