Wednesday, March 4, 2009

200th post!

This is my 200th post! A big thanks to all loyal readers LOL =) Sometimes I quite surprised when someone told me he/she also reading my blog regularly just that they never leave any footprint for me to trace their existence in my blog =D Thanks! and please do leave ur footprint sometimes ^^ haha

This whole week is Sport Fiesta in our campus. That means lotsa sports event will be held during this week, including basketball, badminton, table tennis, pool, swimming.... Say NO to computer games for a week! It's all about sports! Went to MPH with anza to watch badminton match yesterday night. Kent Ren, Gorgor, teng ma and sher lynn are taking part in it (Double women, single men, mix). Final will be tonite! All the best to four of you =)

This weekend need to "eat" books again coz chemistry test 2 will falls on next wednesday =S N the worst part is I seldom pay attention during chemistry class T-T so have to work hard on my own! Jiayou gambateh!

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