Thursday, March 5, 2009

Interesting Match

Yesterday night went MPH again to watch Mix Double match between Kent and Teng Ma =) Erm... I don't like the environment inside the hall because the air inside is so warm hot and it sometimes made me suffocating! =(

Their match was the first match. So happy coz no need to wait until half die like the night before =X They WON the match easily with only 2 rounds. =) Grats for entering semi-final! Their opponents are louis gorgor and sher lynn XD just like Olympic 2008 Lin Dan and Chen Jin =P CFES versus CFES!

Kent Ren and teng ma WON in semi final =) Then in Mix Double FINAL, they lost in the first round. Then, Kent's racquet string broke in the 2nd round but luckily he had another one. They WON finally! Grats!

All of us be the supporters during the whole badminton match. The most interesting match was Men Single which both the players are really pro =D One of player played 6 matches in a single night and exhausted. In fact, both of them also run out of stamina. That was a match competing on stamina! Bravo to both players =) Good game!

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