Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drinks that may cause brain freeze!

Last Saturday afternoon, i went for potong rambut haircut (not haircut also, just trimming front part of my hair)...

n i hate that auntie lo T-T she cut until so short! then still insisted that, "nvm lar... wait it grow longer than leng lui ler..." her excuses so lame =S

afterthat went 7-eleven after sending my aunt back... bought Slurpee =) icy cool drinks in hot climate! syok-nya~ haha XD

suddenly realised the colour combination very nice =) so took out camera and snap some pictures on that Slurpee =)

pink + blue = Slurpee

Ops! Warning: Brain Freeze May Occur! Caution!!

Red + Blue = Purple *so nice!*

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