Friday, March 20, 2009

I nearly DIE!

Last Wednesday, I went bath as usual on 6pm and planned to have dinner with friends at 6.30pm.

So at first, nothing special happened.

Right after my bath session, I heard someone knocking all my neighbours' room door in a quite rude manner.

It caught my attention.

While some of them came out from their room, a heard the person who knocked all their doors speaked to them, "Nanti ada fogging untuk mosquitoes. Leave your room."

As what I said just now, I just finished bath.

It is quite impossible for me to leave my room immediately with my hairs all wet and dripping water all the way, right?

So I quickly dried my hair and kept some of the notes and stuffs to be bring down because I'll have my Biology test the following morning.

Before I able to step out my room, and it was just about 1 or 2 minutes after he knocked my door, the fogging process started!


And the person in charge started from my room's side which is only 2 rooms away from mine.

Within few seconds, they reached in front my room!

I was not able to make any response yet...

They sprayed the mosquitoes pesticide into my room through the gap under the door!

I was like-- what??

Being very nervous and terrified, I grabbed my stuffs and start opened my door...

I can see nothing outside but thick, white smoke with suffocating smell!

I can't even see the path properly!

I closed the door back because I worried if I kept walking, I will fell down from the staircase!

What can I do that time, I have no idea.

So I did something looked like quite stupid that time, by covering up my nose with my jeans hanging right behind the door.

I can't even see a single thing inside my room. Thick and white smoke all around.

Try imagine, my room was just a small cube, single occupied hostel room-- and they sprayed the pesticides in trying to kill me. Not only the mosquitoes and insects will die, I will die together with them also.

Finally, I heard some noise outside. People closing her door. So there must be someone walking downstair also.

I quickly rush out and follow her.

But, nearly fell down in my own room! The floor was a bit too, extremely, super oily!

I was saved! Walked carefully with the girl down to the ground floor.

With whole body the pleasant shampoo awful smell of mosquitoes pesticides!

Then while walking to my friend's block, I was so lucky malang...

Teased by few Nigerian guys. Not bothering them and kept walking. Luckily they didn't follow after a short distance.

So angry with those stupid fellow and filled with the scary feeling of being trapped in smoky room. Nearly cry but I'm tough enough. LOL

So this incident made me have to mop the floor and tidy up all mess in the late night that I supposed to concentrate on my test.

What a "special" experience for me! Sigh...

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