Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bird Nest vs Little Birds

Few days ago, my mum discovered a bird nest in my house garden. She did not bother it until yesterday when my dad told us, he saw some little birds in the nest. The bird eggs just hatched.

We were very excited and quickly rushed to the garden and took a look at it.

Woots! Really got few small birds wor! *reaction for city children like us, never see little birds hahaha*

Share with u guys, city children! XD

I don't know how many birds inside the nest exactly. Can you count? They haven't grow feather yet. Their size is something like our thumb or smaller.

This is the bird nest built by their bird mummy. I never seen their mummy before. My mum said, it has yellow-colour feather.

Their nest located in this plant.

Sleep soundly inside their nest while their mum going out to find foods for them.

Clearer view of the little birds. Can you distinguish the eyes and wings?

When I was busying taking the pictures, I accidentally touched the plant. So, the little birdies thought their mummy coming back with foods. They opened their mouth BIG waiting for foods with some sound. I was actually frightened by them. LOL

I will continue to observe the growth of the birds. Stay tuned for more pictures!

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