Monday, April 20, 2009

Genting Photos!

Here are some pictures we took in Genting =) Exclusively chosen from over 100 pics!

Take a look and enjoyz!

Genting Skyway =) The longest cable car in the world!

The gradient so steep!

Sherlynn, Yee Teng and Komalaa =)

Merry-Go-Round! Childhood memories =) Sherlynn, Yee Teng, Komalaa, Louis, Michelle and Yoyo =)

Front Row: Sherlynn, Yee Teng
Second Row: Louis, Michelle

Teng ma so happy lols XD

Yoyo and Komalaa

Victor- the hunter!

Jason, Darren, Wee Khang, Ken, AiLing

So cold outside there at night =)
From Left: Sherlynn, Yoyo, Kent, Me, Louis, Teng ma, Michelle =P

From Left: Yoyo, Victor Jun Ye, Huei Ying, Kent, Yee Teng, Michelle, Louis

Try to guess who is this? hehe =P

Yoyo and Michelle

Wad pose is this? hehehe XD

Siapa punya teeth?


On the beach? o.O

Act cute =P

Sexy ladies here!

act cool lols =)

1 Man vs 2 "sexy ladies"

Gorgor so 妩媚~

Thousand hand Guan Yin!

Victor- The Hunter

Teng Ma vs Gorgor

Michelle and Vic with a flower!

Sherlynn dancing pole dance? XD

Whole Gang =)

Beauty of Nature

Nice scenery!

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