Friday, April 17, 2009


Finally, I'm back!

muahahaha XD

returned from Genting this afternoon... this was an awesome journey accompanied by friends =) we shouted, screamed, smiled, laughed, played and etc together... i like this kinda feelings =) took lotsa crazy pics during the chilly cold night... having craziest fun in the outdoor theme park... it was a nice experience!

*don't have all those pics now... will upload some after i get it =) *

and of course, with the end of my final exam, this also mean my semester 3 ended... all of us graduate from foundation CFES... so fast! we have know each other for almost a year =) we encountered happy and sad moments... hope our friendship will lasts forever =) good luck to everyone for ur future undertakings...

erm... after foundation, i will still stay in inti for degree programme in Biotechnology... =)

SEMESTER break now =) so free... i have nothing to do XD time to refresh and rejuvenate!

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