Friday, April 16, 2010

it's my Holiday!

I'm back!

Finally I had my long-waited semester break :)

Although only 2 weeks but I'm quite satisfy with it. I really need good rest this semester break after 15 weeks of hard works.

Next semester will be harder, if not mistaken, 5 subjects next semester. The busiest semester I going to have during my degree time. Hard and busy.

Wish me luck and give me strength to continue!

I looking forward my graduation next year end :)

Life can be harsh, life can be easy. Depends on how we take it.

Procrastination won't change the fact. But it seems like everyone nowadays likes that :)

I got many tasks to be accomplish this semester break.

This is the list!

  • Makes muffins and pastries
  • Learns guitar
  • Friends outing
  • Drama and games time
  • Find suitable internship companies
  • Cut hair =p

Lots and lots of plan, really hope that I can finish them one by one :)

Happy Holiday, guys and girls!

Huei Ying


  1. learns guitar?nice one...haha...
    take ur time to rest...
    and "qiong" for next sem...
    all the best in learning guitar haha...

  2. Kean Guan: thanks and yup, just a beginner in learning guitar :) got inspiration from CF friends hahaha



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