Thursday, April 29, 2010

Results out!

First of all, I got my result today morning, sharp on 12am.

Overall satisfied. Thank God.

Not to reveal my result here. Ask me personally, I will tell you :)

I guessed my CGPA will increase, haven't count and not sure the exact way to count also.

Hope can get award this semester! I already two semesters missed out, last semester was due to not enough credit hour as we were having short semester.

Holidays going to end so fast. Next semester going to be something tough, work hard!

Today, finally, I went and changed my IC.

No more budak face yay!

The whole procedure was really smooth and it took us less than 15 minutes!

Can't believe it because I thought I have to sacrifice my whole afternoon there before I went.

Kind of high efficiency, thumbs up!

Weeee! I will get my new IC 10 days later :)

Looking forward this Saturday! Wulalalala~

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