Friday, April 23, 2010


As the time passes, I slowly fall in love with [waiting].

Today I went out with my dad and mum to TM point to get something settle. We changed our TM plan to BlockBuster Plan which we can enjoy free calls from line to line and minimum 10 sen charges for calling to handphones :)

My dad drove brother to tuition centre and we headed to TM point at Jalan Meru. His tuition class is 2 hours and will ends at 4.15pm.

So, we got our queue number and start waiting. Our number is 19 numbers away from the customer they were serving. But we thought that 2 hours was just more than enough to get our things done :)

30 minutes gone and only 5 customers were served.

We utilized our free time there chatting about many things. Youngsters attitude nowadays, my sister and my study life in colleges, everything.

We shared a lot or should I say, I talked a lot. It was a good time chatting there since they will be concentrating and listening to me.

In home, we might busy with our own things and where to "dig" 2 hours free time out and share thoughts? Good point!

Sometimes, I really feel that we should talk more and share more with our parents. At least let them know what we are thinking and what is our plans for future, near or far future.

Some people will just sit there and procrastinate that their parents don't understand them or they just can't communicate well. My suggestion was- take sometime and share everything out if possible :)

Although at the present day, my parents still not yet fully understands what I want, what I think and everything I do. But I do believe, sharing thought is a platform for communication to flow.

I started to love time for [waiting].

I wait for the time to come.
I wait because there is something for me to wait.
And I know, it worth it.


  1. Good, next time anything i will let you wait wait wait wait. bwahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Ryan: Muahahaha I can train on my patience! =P



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