Monday, February 1, 2010


1 hour plus more

I'm 20

Say bye officially to 19 :'(

First of all, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to my parents. Actually I want to give both of them a big hug since I never do so after I learn what is shy. Because of Eastern culture, we are trained and seldom express our feelings loud, how I wish I can say " I Love You" to mummy and daddy face to face.

Thanks daddy and mummy for bringing me up for these 20 years. I admitted that I have sometimes that made both of you mad and angry at me. What a bad daughter :( But I do love both of you deeply, and thanks for giving me a warm and cute house with Huei Miin, Zhi Hao and Huei Yi in :)

I grow up a lot, physically and mentally. I always remembered mummy said how they suffered in cuddling me to sleep every night to dawn when I was really young. Having no sleep at night for two months.

I also understand how they love us. Sometimes in some abstract way because they said, they don't want any spoilt child. Love in an unconditional way is what they always do.

Especially these few years, I really think a lot and grew up a lot, mentally. Life experiences made me learn, reading made me learn, love and be loved made me learn :)

I appreciate every birthday wishes starting from the day before my birthday, through various media. They are too warm and I love the feelings when my existence is being appreciate.

Thanks guys and gals :) I love you all!

and a Happy Birthday to myself :)

I'm 20 in one hour time!


  1. Happy 20th birthday Huei Ying!^^ May all ur wish come true and Happy CNY too!

  2. Happy Birthday (생알 축아합니다~^^)

    Every wish come true to you :)

  3. hey long time not update..where've u been?

    btw sorry for late wishing..Happy belated birthday! ^_^

  4. Hello, blog updated! :)
    Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday!! ^^



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