Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reunion Lunch!

This is my family's culture although many might feel quite weird and kept asking me: "Hey, why you guys eat in the afternoon one? People saying REUNION DINNER maa, sure is makan dinner lah!"

I don't know. Maybe we are special *laughs*

Another "weird" thing is we eat 2 times REUNION DINNER on Chinese New Year's eve!

First time as lunch in our own home.

Second time as real dinner at grandma's house :)

This might be the reason to explain the weird incident #1 *YES!*

I woke up very early today morning without any alarm. Very automatically and I myself feel myself something wrong LOL

Maybe CNY mood wakes me up? When I woke up, I still wondered why my sister haven't woke up to work yet :D

Followed my mom and dad to pasar pagi and I bought my short pant there! Only RM15 *ngek ngek*

Feeling too excited while waiting for the makan time. I shoot some pictures here and there :)

The Chinese New Year decorations in my house. The authentic new year feelings :)

eve01.jpg CNY eve 2010 picture by smileaqua90

Green plants with CNY decorations on it. In Chinese New Year, everything is ONLY RED!

eve02.jpg CNY eve 2010 picture by smileaqua90

Top: Living area and blue sky outside my house
Bottom: Koi fishes and CNY must-have Mandarin Oranges!

eve03.jpg CNY eve 2010 picture by smileaqua90

Here come the makan part!

All prepared by the chef of the day- Mommy!

Top: Sparking fruit juices and crispy prawn balls!
Bottom: My sibling all-time-favorites Fried Chickens and delicious vege :)

eve04.jpg CNY eve 2010 picture by smileaqua90

Top: Chicken nuggets and juice serving "process"
Bottom right: My favorite- Meat rolls! awesome+ tasty!

eve05.jpg CNY eve 2010 picture by smileaqua90

Tada! This picture was took before getting started. But some fried prawn balls and fried chickens had been stolen :(

eve06.jpg CNY eve 2010 picture by smileaqua90

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Have a blessings year ahead and Gong Xi Fa Cai!


  1. i had reunion lunch at my house and reunion dinner at his house.

    gong xi gong xi...

  2. A very late happy CNY! haha. Can i have some fried chicken? hahahaha



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