Friday, September 4, 2009


Just now during Chemistry class, Dr Ooi wanted us to form our own group for small group discussion.

So me, Yee Teng, Yun Qi and Chee Hoe formed a group. And we lack another fifth member.

Once we went back room, me and YT discussed about the topic we wanted to choose and immediately sent an email for sir since it is based on First Come First Serve basis.

Well, everything went smoothly until I received an email from sir indicating that BBTEI and DSCAU students cannot mix :(

We have to find more members. But some question marks suddenly appeared in my mind..

Who to find?

Starting from this semester, the usual gang which I usually mix around are no longer around, I mean not in the same class. We are taking different subjects.

But at least in class, I still can mix with some friends. Once DSCAU and BBTEI are separated either in class works or lab session, I'm lost.

Out of sudden, I feel alone. Really alone.

I need time to get used to it.

Hopefully as soon as possible.

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