Friday, September 25, 2009

Tug of War

It's torturing when you got to make decision.

Tug of war between your conscious mind and what you like.

Now I am having the similar situation.

Study or play?

I took out my books, notes and whatever related to studies. My mind wasn't there.

My mind told myself, eh it's time to study. But my brain and body don't want to do so.

I hang in between. LoL.

Maybe the best solution will be study and play at the same time. Or study a while play a while. I called this a balance!

Short semester kinda disaster.

Squeeze the works in 14 weeks into 7 weeks. 50% discount.

Same time I also get squeezed from 3D to 2D =x

Nvm nvm, I told myself, hey after final exam, you got 2 months holiday!

This is the only thing to keep myself happy. Weee~

see! How optimistic I am :)


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