Saturday, October 3, 2009

Are you Cacat?

Just now went out together with family to Bukit Tinggi area there, except my kawaii didi :)

He needs to work hard for his coming PMR. Gambateh and get 8As ah! XD

*just try your best la! I assumed you have no pressure also F3*

A brand new wholesales store just newly opened, named GM Klang if I not mistaken!

So, we went there just to have a look around.

Only 1/4 shops of whole store are operating. A guy there told us, the official launching date will be 10th Oct.

After that, my youngest sis said she wanted to have some new revision books to prepare for her exam. Then we went Aeon Bukit Tinggi.

As we all know that, blue box parking with OKU sign are specially allocated for OKU only, right?

What we saw today was all parking bays for OKU are fully occupied...

by normal and nonsense people.

I support authorized personnel to lock up their cars and fine them $$.

While we discussing about this topic, saw another car with 3 ladies parked at one of those bays again.

I saw them everything alright, no where cacat also.

I supposed they mental cacat.

Or maybe mata cacat because they can't see the sign board.

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