Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Short update

As the title implies, this will only a short update about what I did recently.

Hmm... Last Sunday morning, I went for some dim sum with my family in Meru. Before we finished eating, we heard some other people shouted about some polices came.

I can't see anything because I just concentrate on my food. LOL

I did not bother much because I thought just some accidents happened. Maybe road accident?

After eating, we went back to our car.

There I saw some policemen standing not far away from our car.

On the floor, there was a guy lying.

Common sense will tells us: "Aiya just homeless beggar sleeping there."

But my dad saw blood on that guy face. He was dead there.

Got killed or die suddenly there? Unknown.

No time to check newspaper and no newspaper for me to check whether any news about that or not.


Today is Award Presentation Ceremony.

I attended every semester except this semester.

Although I able to secure my scholarship, but Merit Award flies.

I promised myself to get back the award this semester :)



Last but not least, Gambateh to my didi in your PMR!


Happy Belated Birthday to him again <3

Sheng Ri Kuai Le!

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