Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pictures Time!

Hey! Here are the pictures I promised :)

Let's the pictures speak!

Playing candles with my little sis before Mid-Autumn Festival :)

This is the event I attended as I mentioned on the previous post.

Hokkien Mooncakes :)

Yeah! This is the rules for the game [搏饼]. It's very simple, just follow the dice and win the mooncakes!

The event list :)

Tables prepared for [搏饼].


Picture took by dad before we start the GAME!

Searching and collecting stuffs needed by the GAME :) Saw the yellow-shirt aunty? She is helping us with the white hairs- she pulling them from her friend! HAHA~ She borrowed us her comb, her son's sock, and lantern :) So nice!

Getting signature from The Chairperson of the association- Mr Tan Yew Sing *blue batik shirt* :)

For those who curious, he is the CEO for Inti Education Group :) The one Dr Ooi mentioned almost everyday :)

We are the winner! So proud! Muahahaha :D

Our Rubik's Cube. The present.

The instruction for the GAME!

[搏饼] on the way...

I still got lots of pictures but unable to upload all :)


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