Monday, October 26, 2009


Today morning, after came back from Bah Kut Teh and parked our car in car porch, dad suddenly saw a small bee hive somewhere there.

So, to prevent unwanted bee hive from causing any problems to us and neighbors, we decided to clear it.

We saw a mother bee flying around the hive.

So mama's job is reporter!

She responsible to inform dad when the mother bee came back.

Before that, necessary tools were prepared such as aerosol spray, electronic insects killer and etc.

Life threatening job begun!

After the mother bee flew away and make sure it wasn't around in near distance,

dad went over and spray aerosol spray on the bee hive.

Some green worms crawled out and fell on the floor. Yucks!

The bee hive was then cleared by spade because it stuck on wall.

Ops =x Mother bee came back!

Dad was ordered to leave the spot immediately.

LOL but the scene was really funny

I sat inside living room because I'm a coward =x

While I witnessing them doing those stuffs, suddenly a flying objects flew around my body!

Scared me =x I thought it was mother bee wanted to take revenge on us =x

Then I moved over to second living room.

A mosquitoes kind of insects flew around me again and I shouted again.

Memalukan saja =x

From today onwards, I declared myself having flying objects-phobia. A side effect of killing mother bee's babies.

I scare aeroplanes too!

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