Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday night went 三伯公's Birthday Dinner at a seafood restaurant located somewhere at Bukit Raja.

The foods there was nice and most importantly I was really really full =X

After the dinner, went Jusco Bukit Raja to do some shopping!

Woohoo~ As Hari Raya is around the corner, already expected the mall will be full and crowded. Sales is going on too :) muahahaha

Happy thing is I bought a dress :D nice nice!

But then when we wanna go back that time, nearly fainted to see the loooooooong queue to pay for parking ticket!

You hardly can imagine how long is the "long" i meant.

If you went Jusco Bukit Raja before, I'm sure all Pasang Lang went there before for countless time already. For the auto-pay machine near Jusco supermarket, the queue is from outside of the mall and make one U-turn into the mall, continue to Information Counter there :(

For the auto-pay machine near the main entrance of Jusco, the queue almost the same long. Just like long choo-choo train at the concourse. Geng leh? =.=

It took us quite long time to pay the parking ticket and finally went we reached the exit. Guess what we saw?

Those guards just open up the lever and collect the tickets manually. Another thing is: they never even look at the ticket to see whether people already pay for it or not! =.=''

But wateva lah. I'm happy. I got new dress! :)

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