Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunway Pyramid Outing

What an unforgettable memory of waiting a bus for 1 hour under the sun.

After this outing, I promised myself to train my driving skills during the coming semester break!

Huei Ying says NO to public transport!

Well, I woke up 9am this morning.

I have date with future engineers and future doctor :)

And we will have our meeting on some serious business in the future.

It will be worldwide business :)

Reached North Klang bus stop and realised RapidKL bus were no longer there.

Mum helped me asked an Indian bus driver there and knew that they have moved to somewhere nearby Emporium Makan.

So I met with future engineer 1 and future doctor at Mydin. Then mum fetched us to the destination II.

As my first sentence in this blog post stated, we waited there for 1 hour. The weather was not-so-nice :(

Finally reached our ultimate destination- the so called Sunway Pyramid.

1st thing we did there was went to the cinema. The queue was so-omg-long. We missed a chance to seek help from friend because we late for few seconds. No choice then, let's queue happily!

Roamed around aimlessly after that and have our lunch at Pizza Hut :) Although the waiters there a bit blurred but this Pizza Hut outlet is much cleaner and comfortable compared to Nilai outlet with lots of small Xiao Qiangs. :(

Start lepak-ing again while waiting for future engineer II. According to his report, his dad drove his car out and this poor fellow was tricked by us by telling him we bought movie ticket for G-Force :) In fact, we bought Final Destination 4! One secret about him, he scare this kind of movie. Let's jio him more! :D

Movie time @ 3.30pm finally arrived!

In conclusion, I also don't like this movie. Too scary. Too bloody. Too e xin.

I closed my eyes whenever I felt something is going to happen. Just one scene my nerve impulse arrived too slow. Ter-watched accidentally =.=

Oh ya while waiting for the movie, we went McD for ice cream time :) That was when we discussed our business. Future doctor and me will be manager. 2 future engineer will be our money-making-machines. How our business works? It will be private and confidential at the moment. Haha so lame :D

Went back home after out legs got tired. Wait bus for another 15-30 minutes I guess.

For my dear readers information,

Future engineer I- Mr Jie Hong
he will speaks wonderful as "wonderfulu" in the near future.

Future enginner II- Mr Tau Fu
he will sells yong tau fu when he retires.

Future doctor- Mr Terng
he will still be student when we all works.

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