Sunday, November 9, 2008

back to normal

this few day my mood slowly back to normal ler =P

laz friday went aeon bukit tinggi green box with kent, louis n teng ma =) sing from 3pm to 7pm ++ XD actually v hav to leave at 6pm... but maybe no customers... so v end up sing until v left ourselves LOL the first time i did this ^^quite syok and v tried many nostalgia songs which v used hear during our primary school n secondary school times =) hehez

go back at bout 8pm... pity them hav to hav their dinner at so "early" time =P anyway it was a happy outing =)

saturday nite while shopping... something funny happened! i tried the deodorant scent to determine which one smell nicer... while trying n trying, the nozzle duno why suddenly faced towards me =.= and guess wad? i sprayed on my face myself >< so stupid... =.=

ahem... dun laugh ooo ><

my sis went melacca v her classmates... and will be back tonite... hope she enjoyz her trip very much and i believe she does =)

*happy everyday*


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