Wednesday, November 26, 2008


ytd i finished my csc presentation =) although not very perfect, but i think can be accepted lar XD burden become lesser n lesser... suddenly feel kinda relax XD

its a short pause for me!

ytd after the presentation, me, kent, gorgor, anza and teng ma went MyBox =) promotion price 3 hrs rm30... so 1 person = rm6... afterthat, went Auntie Jenny to makan-makan dinner... the food there quite nice... hehe... nx time there will be another new place for us to makan ler =)

now left biology presentation on GM animals =) and of course finals is around the corner! gambateh everyone... gambateh hueiying ^^

*Life can be simple and not complicated... Depends on how u look at it =) *

* 放开手,放开执著,你会看到更美的一片天 *

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