Friday, November 14, 2008


Today as usual hav class from 8am till 11am... ms ja dismissed the class very punctual today coz she rushing to fetch her twins... =)

n v decided to hav our lunch outside coz v oredi duno wad to eat in inti cafeteria... =X coz after short sem students hav their sem break, cafeteria only left 3 stalls opening =.= wantan noodles, chicken chop rice n economic rice =.=

only 3 of us went out... me, kent n teng ma =) our destination is KFC XD hmm... jz nw found out that 2mr i will also having KFC again =3= coz my sis wanna belanja muahahaha =D

this weekend i will be busy v revision for next week tests...

tuesday: mathematics
wednesday: biology
thursday: computing

after tests, there will be tonnes of assignments n presentations waiting us =.= this sem everything packed for us until the last minute =.= busy sei us!!!

Good luck for all CFES-ians for next week tests =) Gambateh!

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