Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BBTEI Programme Starts!

I start my degree programme as a 1st semester student again =)

This programme is known as BBTEI Bachelors of Biotechnology (Hons). BBTEI sounds like "Baby Tei" lols XD we took 5 subjects this semester, which are

i. Introduction to Biotechnology (BTE)
ii. Chemistry 1 (CHM)
iii. Mathematics and Statistics (MAT)
iv. Molecular Cell Biology 1 (MCB)
v. Technical English (UCC)

umm... well... there are many new faces in the class and we all EX-CFES-ians still are the majorities =) other new friends came from UEC, STPM or some other colleges. Other than that, our class is considered quite huge diversity. There are students from Maldives, Indonesia, Brunei, Labuan, Sabah and etc. *Maldives! My dream vacation destination XD*

hmm... timetable quite packed actually =(

8am-10am MCB Lab (to be confirm)
1pm-2pm BTE
2pm-4pm CHM
4pm-6pm MAT

8am-10am MCB
10am-12pm CHM Lab
4pm-6pm UCC

8am-10am MAT Lab
2pm-4pm CHM

8am-10am UCC
10am-12pm MAT

10am-12pm BTE
2pm-4pm MCB
4pm-6pm MCB Lab (to be confirm)

looks like our life will be busier soon =(

* I started to appreciate foundation lecturers now =X

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