Saturday, May 2, 2009


How I utilise my semester break?

This holiday I finished up three dramas... =X

小娘惹The Little Nyonya, 学警狙击Emergency Unit and 与敌同行Last One Standing...

Little Nyonya I start watching before my finals and managed to finish it during my sem break...

After that, I start watching Emergency Unit which is highly recommended by Kent and Victor =) And now I'll recommend it to all of u. XD A great and nice HK drama if u are searching for one. I used 3 days.

Then I continued with Last One Standing. This drama I used 2 days =X The fastest speed ever =P

New semester aka my degree life going to start very soon. Monday morning I will go back Inti for enrolment. Hope it will be nice one =)

Oh ya... I updated my link list =) Anyone who like to be link or I left out, please inform me =) Thanks!

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