Saturday, May 23, 2009

Degree° Life

Degree life really much burdens than my foundation life...

Last time in foundation, I can happily enjoy my weekend in house doing nothing or just to pass my free time by surfing nets or doing something useless to kill my time =)

Now, I will have to finish up my lab reports, assignments or many other things during my weekends =(

Each subjects roughly will have 5 assignments each. I got 5 subjects this semester. 5x5= 25! I got 14 weeks. Average 1 week 2 assignments? I'm not a hardworking student. This will make me suffocate =(

These are some of reasons I abandoned my blog for quite a long time. Another reason is... I don't have idea what to write LOL

Anyway, Street Party held last Wednesday was awesome. I didn't take any pictures because I dint bring camera =X If anyone interested to view some of the pictures, u can view it at Raymond or Ken Pun's blog =)

*I wish I have more courage *

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