Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm SO hardworking!

Today is Saturday again =)

Quite happy actually... *coz can sleep more and no need wake up soooo early XD*

So, I woke up at XX.XX am =P

Then, followed mom to grandma's house and fetched her to buy Mother's Day present!

*dun forget to wish your mum Happy Mother's Day tomorrow ya!*

We went Klang Parade coz mum planned to buy grandma a ring =)

First went Lazo Diamond. Found a nice ring! but too bad they dun have my grandma's size >__<

Then went another jewelery shop, I think is To Mei.

Finally, bought her a necklace and a bracelet instead of a ring LOL

Nice and elegant =)

oh ya! forget to mention why I claimed myself to be SO hardworking! *not like the usual me* haha =D

I did most of the homeworks I have! =D included MCB tutorials, Chemistry tutorials, Maths questions =P

I'm a hardworking girl! XD

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