Friday, May 1, 2009

New BlogSkin!

New Blogskin on 1st May 2009!

Decided to change for a brand new look and give different visual experience to all my readers =P

This time I chose I non-pink template because my blog usually very pinkish XD

Greenish this time... Good for your eyes! *hehe*

Think Earth XD

Print Screened my old blogskin =) Tada~ New vs Old =P

Different outlook but still the same content! ^^

Oh ya! Good news for guys and gals!

This new blogskin works equally well in both Internet Explorer and FireFox! =)

Sorry to some friends because last blogskin not compatible with Internet Explorer and have caused some problem for them... =)

p/s: the comments part got bugs =(

Any comments on this new one? =D

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