Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today is a universal festival celebrate by everyone in the world =)

Happy Mother's Day, mommy!

On mother's side, as a tradition or what we practice since long long time ago, we will celebrate Mother's day for my grandma in a restaurant. While on father's side, they normally do not emphasize on Mother's day celebration.

This year, the restaurant is less packed than previous years. Maybe because of the economic crisis. But what I think is, no matter what happened, this is a great opportunity for whole family to reunion and eat together, just like the Reunion Dinner on Chinese New Year eve. The important issue is reunion. =)

While in my house, we will celebrate Mother's day also. 4 of us will treat mommy for taking care us since we are young. Although we know that, the dinner is nothing compared to what she have done for past many years. Thank you.

Now let the pictures speak. Random pics took by my sis during yesterday night. =)

sorry, shark!

My mommy and her mommy =)

Me, my siblings and cousins.

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