Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dedicated to...

Here are something i wish to dedicated to:-
dun b too tension when facing ur exam... it is only small part in ur studies n there are much more for u to explore n enjoy... change ur style of preparing for exam vil make ur life easier... over stubborn v ur own stand sometimes really can't work out in some situations... jiayou n gud luck =)

i oso dunwan to membebel u de =p u gimme the chance to do dat =D wad can i do? i'm ur sis XD

gambateh n all the best in ur upsr exam =) u n hao are the opposite v miin... hahaz she too tension while both of u too relax XD


  1. erh hemm... upsr wor...i whr got tension... i remember a day b4 upsr i still at the 庆功宴...dis situation is after form 1 only got de...lolz...


    no lar...coz at secondary skul too "much" (uncountable) pro...and, all my friends are too geng so, i kia su...(hehe)...and, u oso "quite" (juz quite), i nidda work harder...



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