Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sem 2 in Inti

Today is the 1st time i touch my laptop since i come back inti on monday morning... Lotsa things to blog bout but i duno whether i still rmb all "essences" onot lolz XD

hmm... lets talk bout 1st day here =) i reach inti at bout 9am den straight away went to mph v mum n dad for enrolment... 1st ppl met was kent lolz =) i took the form n filled it... afterdat get my new timetable... i am happy v dat timetable XD coz monday class starts at 12pm while friday class ends at 10am XD dis means i can come back on monday morning n go bac home early on friday =D *yeepee* afterdat queue to make the payment...

after the payment, it has already 10am... so i quickly rushed to AO n check in my room... den 3 of us (mum, dad n me) took all my things all the way up to my room at 4th floor XD den rush again to academic block for moral studies class....

Our moral lecturer, mr steven is a humour one v lotsa jokes, esp those quite lame one lolz =) some quite censored one =X den he showed us some video clips which some of them v oredi watched b4... vic showed us... =D

Den math class, ms ja... she also quite lame v lotsa jokes... she tell jokes n laugh at her own... no one wan to bother hahaz... she is the only one start giving lecture on the 1st class... on complex numbers...

CSC, basic computing class, ms mohana... quite strict but i think still nt bad lor... at least at dis mean time =) kent giv one very lame answer made she quite swt =D she asked us "wad u all like computer to do for u?" v can imagine and giv wateva ans... smtg still havent exist in dis world... he answered "i wan computer to help me answer dis question!" XD

hav our first dinner at 7pm... venue: centre street =)

den 1st supper at 12am smtg XD after uno-ing... venue: al-salam

2nd Day (3 sept)

Today 12pm class... Went out earlier coz accompany kent to mph for fees payment... meet someone special there =X hahaz den afterdat, accompany louis gorgor to scholarships unit n OAR... finally went to class together... =)

Biology class, ms bibi eryka =) as usual briefing on course structure n ice breaking session aka introduce ourselves... i tink our bio lab session shud b a nice one XD she said got lotsa animals inside de =) pink panther snakes, hamsters, small insects... lab session start from next week... guess who is our class rep XD

Our english lecturer is the youngest lecturer in inti... ms abbey, 23 dis year =) she is very new to inti n quite friendly =) she come fr penang, i tink... hahaz she dismissed us early... so after her class, v went giant to eat ice cream XD

second dinner at 6.30pm, venue: jin fan wan

after dinner, uno time again =) v changed our venue to SAO concourse...

second supper at 11+pm, venue: burger stall

Third Day (4 sept)

9am-10am moral studies
10am-12pm CSC lab
4pm-6pm CSC

CSC lab quite wuliao... she taught us some shortcut keys using keyboard =.= den after most of us busy copying down... she finally told us: "actually the most important thing is u noe how to save all ur works n assignments... CTRL+S =.= coz all others will nt be tested in exam n jz for practical uses... to make ur works faster... u can take ur time if u duno..." swt lor... =.= i prefer use mouse =p *heehee*

4 hours break-ing =)

*thx 不要跟你讲's mum for the gifts =) xiexie~

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  1. thx 不要跟你讲's mum for the gifts =) xiexie~



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