Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ops~ spiderwebs XD

sorrie~ spiderwebs all around my blog =X

too long din update le... psps =)

hmm... after new sem start for 2 weeks... v hav some new members for dinner n supper gang fr march intake: darren, faye n jason =D welcome ^^

- biology lab report
- moral assignment

V spent dis whole week night time roaming around our hostel area... walking n chatting around.... sumtimes sit at the roadside there feeding mosquitoes =X see, v are so kind-hearted! XD now my legs lotsa mosquitoes' love marks jor T-T

wednesday morning, woke up at 6.45am althought my class start at 11am... guess wad? i went jogging v kent, teng ma n sherlynn... teng ma really pro =) dis jogging made my legs pain for 2 days =X too noob jor... too long din jogging le =.=

wednesday nite 5 of us (me, kent, ryan, yoyo n teng ma) went mc donald for ice cream =) initially v wanna went ktm station n fetch gorgor n dashi one... but end up they went bac inti by bus coz kent's car unable to accomodate so many ppl =X luckily gorgor still gt many taufu left hahahaz

CSC class is really boring T-T i yawned for countless times during 2 hours class =.= really killing me haiz~ CSC lab oso equally boring... she taught us something very fei n v all supposed to know long time ago... so many of us surfing net on our own =X

Today after math class at 10am, daddy came inti n fetch me bac =) he gt smtg to do at putrajaya... first time went home so early =D reach home at 11.30am ^^ den whole afternoon watch HK drama... very nice oh =) 溏心风暴之家好月圆...

den at nite follow my parents went one moonlight party nearby my hse =D met pek kuan's mum there... chat for a while =) so long din meet pek kuan them le... when is our gathering ooo? XD

p/s: thx gorgor for ur advice =) i noe wad i shud do...

Everyone: Happy Mid Autumn Festival in advance =)

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