Friday, September 19, 2008

Time flies~

Time passes pretty fast =X in fact, it passes very, super fast...

i finished my 2nd sem 3rd week there... next week will be my 4th week of sem 2 in inti =)

that means i hav stay in inti for nearly 5 months... it is september nw!

Hmm... let me summarise what i hav done in dis week...

it is a busy week =X

Monday, after class, 5 of us (me, kah yuong, kent, louis, vic) went jusco cheras selatan for Money Not Enough 2... it was quite nice and touching especially when they sent there poor mother to the old folks' home and when they rampas-ing the blood needed for the operations... someone cried during the movie oh XD

after reach college at 7 smtg, v go makan... den straight away go n met others in Block N... guess wad? v hav lantern party for ourselves XD each of us brought some paper lanterns and mooncakes.. party took place somewhere behind MPH hall =p first, v light up many candles around the venue and light up those tanglungs n hung them around and on the trees =)

afterdat, yoyo cut all mooncakes n v hav the chance to try assorted mooncakes XD den, v take the lanterns and walk around our campus... sing some funny songs and attracted others attention LOL quite fun but i'm too tired dat day... so i din follow them to supper n straight away went back room and took bath =p it is oredi 12am smtg =)

dis wednesday and thursday were the most busiest time for me in dis sem now... rushing moral assignment >< it was very time-consuming and not easy to do =.= it made me rushing to 2 days and stay in block N until 3am T-T but finally... i finished it! it is kinda satisfied after i finished everything laz nite XD thx to those friends to lend a helping hand =)

today gt replacement class for hari raya maths class =) dat means v vil having holiday from weds to monday =) 8am-12pm v ms ja learning matrices... afterdat went liberal arts office and pass up our assignment and OAR to hand in the attendance slip for Merit Awards Presentation... went bac at 2.15pm by inti bus... met melanie and mandy in bus =)

*appreciate wad v have now and be happy =)


  1. Omg,THE MOST BUSIEST time!!! Its superlatives power by 2 !!!

  2. wahaha =) actually it is a stupid mistake =.= but really very busy mah F3 hahaz so can use " most busiest"!!!



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